Fantastic La Felicità – The Largest Restaurant in Europe!

Fantastic La Felicità – The Largest Restaurant in Europe!


Paris is a city of love, life, and merriment! Be it taking long romantic walks through its storied streets or visiting its fantastic museums and art galleries, or even enjoying a meal at a street-side cafe, there’s rarely ever any doubt that you’ll be engaged and entertained for the entire duration your holiday. Indeed, there’s certainly no dearth of fun and exciting things to do in Paris and as of today, you can add one more to your list! Introducing La Felicità – the LARGEST restaurant in Europe!

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Located at the famous Station F in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris on the left bank of the river Seine, the restaurant is the brainchild of the restaurant chain Big Mamma and promises to delight residents with its mouthwatering culinary offerings!

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Now, as most residents of Paris would probably be able to tell you with more than a faint groan, when a hot new restaurant usually opens in the culinary capital of the world, it can take months to get a reservation, unless you’re say, Victoria Beckham. Foodies and restaurant aficionados needn’t worry in this case however, as La Felicità boasts of over 1000 seats and is open to absolutely everyone!

Covering approximately 45002 meters, the space has five kitchens, a beer garden, a large cocktail bar, and a beautiful sunlit terrace! The menu is centered primarily on Italian cuisine with freshly baked bread, pasta, and a vast variety of pizzas being the restaurant’s staples. An added delight is a cart that serves gelato made entirely from scratch!


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The opening of La Felicità was celebrated with as much fervor as you’d reasonably expect, with a selection of popular DJ’s playing on its terrace over the weekend and a series of children’s cartoons screened for younger patrons! The restaurant has also planned a number of unique events that will take place over the course of the year including outdoor music festivals and World Cup screenings!

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We can’t wait to sample their scrumptious menu for ourselves and we’re sure that La Felicità is going to be a resounding success! Everything we’ve described is just one reason why Paris would make the perfect destination for your next holiday! All that’s left to say is – bon appétit!

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